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foreign_mp3's Journal

Foreign Music Sharing
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Music that is not in English ;)
YES, another community for sharing music. :| BUT THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT~I think.

The difference is, it's for music that is not in English. >:]

Membership is open for now. Please read the RULES, and keep your posts friends-only!

Other communities that may be relevant to your interests:

fmworldbeat Music community with a similar idea, but from what I've seen the focus is more on the music's sound and origin than the actual language. Great stuff here, check it out. :D
emepetres Music community for songs in Spanish; go join here too! It needs more posting :(
fr_musique French music sharing community.
foreign_disney It's all Disney, but it's all foreign, too. x)
german_mp3s German music sharing community.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that the law dictates that it's legal to keep these music files only for up to 24 hours. What you decide to do with the files is your responsibility, not mine. ;) JUST TO LET YOU KNOW.