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1. Any type of music is allowed, provided it is not in English! There are no requirements beyond this. (I realise that English is foreign for some, but geeze, there are a million mp3-sharing communities which, although they may not be English-specific, might as well be because it tends to be 99% of what is posted ;)
      a. There are a lot of foreign songs that have a line or two in Engish; this is especially common in Asian pop. This sort of thing is okay, provided most of the song is in another language.

2. PLEASE, keep your posts friends-only! They're automatically made friends-only in case you forget, but please do not go back and change the security.

3. I'm not too picky if you post in a language other than English, just as long as it's clear:
      » where the songs are and the artist/title OR
      » what you want.

Preferable that you stick with the roman alphabet though, just for ease of moderating. :[

4. Be nice. If you're old enough to be on the internets, you're old enough to know what that means, right? (I hope?) No bashing other peoples' music taste, blah blah blah.

5. Requesting is allowed, but it is nice if you post something along with your request. You know, "bribes" and the like.

6. Tagging! Tagging is so important. :] Please tag your posts with these things:

      » Artist or Band Name
      » Language(s) with asterisk before it (for example *german, *italian)
      » Genres are optional, but sometimes they may come in handy. It's up to you, though.
      » If you're requesting, please include these things (it's helpful if your request is filled and people are looking for music stuff too) as well as the tag "request".
      » If it's a full album, please write "album: (album title)". For example, "album: limón y sal".
      » You might also want to generalise and write "albums: julieta venegas". Keep the "albums" plural even if you have only uploaded one; it helps to differentiate in case the artist has a self-titled album.

Yeah, that got a little complex, so I'm not going to kill you if you don't do it EXACTLY RIGHT. I'll probably just edit the tags or something. x)

7. Labeling genres is really helpful so that people don't end up spending time downloading music they'd have no chance of liking. x) If you're not sure enough of the genre to write something in the tags or your post is way too eclectic for a tag to be useful, then at least throw in a short little description of the sound in your post.

8. It's common courtesy to comment when you take something. I know that when I upload something, I like to know if anyone downloaded it. It might also help the uploader to know what is worth uploading in the future.

9. Don't repost other peoples' links. If it's somewhere like Sendspace it probably won't inconvenience anyone (except maybe in the sense that you're "taking the credit" for uploading something you didn't, maybe), but it's just more polite to refer someone to the original post or comment.

10. For download links, you probably want to change any "http"s to "hxxp" or omit that part entirely so that LJ doesn't recognise it as a link and so sendspace can't trace anything back to here. Again, I've forgotten this sometimes myself, so I won't eat your head if you forget to do this in a comment or something, but please, try to remember. For entries, I might nag you, because you can edit those. >3

11. This is harder to enforce and sometimes even follow, and it's not really necessary at all, but it's nice if you try to keep most of your files average size. Not so low that the sound is disgusting, but not so high that it's a pain for dialup-ers to download. 112-192 kbps is perfect.

12. Try to stick with .mp3 and .m4a for the most part, since most players can read or at least convert those. .wma can be awfully limited as far as who can listen to it sometimes.

13. Have fun and try some new stuff! >3 You might find something that is JUST AWESOME, hokay?


If you have any questions, you can ask them here. :]

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Just posted some songs, but I cannot add any tages. Are those still mod-only?

Sorry, I forgot they always do that! :| It should be working now.

I joined and it shows that I'm a member but I can't view the entries. Is there a filter that I'm blocked out of?

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